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What English-language religious services are available locally?

I have not attended any but know of other colleagues who have found English religious services available. - Aug 2022

There seem to be many options but I do not have much information. - Mar 2022

Yes, but I believe the services were on Friday or Saturday. - Dec 2021

There are a couple of different churches that have services in English in Maadi. The Maadi Community Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I think there are others, but I don't know. - Feb 2021

The Jewish population is very small here and I am not sure about services. Christian services are easy to find, Catholic, Protestant, non denominational, and Mormon. Most are on Fridays as that's the holy day here. Some are in the morning and some in the afternoon depending on the church. - Jan 2018

I believe some of the churches and cathedrals in Cairo offer English language services. There is a Catholic church in Zamalek and I believe that was one of the churches to offer English language services. - Sep 2017

There are several Christian denominations, and even occasional Jewish services at the synagogue downtown. - Jan 2016

There are lots of Catholic and Christian churches. - Jan 2016

We go to Maadi Community Church which has a vibrant congregation and children's services. We are quite happy with it. Other people attend Saint John's Episcopal and The Holy Family Catholic Church. There are mosques, a synagogues downtown, and a Mormon community. - Oct 2014

I don't know what is available but we go to church in English in Maadi. Friday is Egypt's holy day. The work week runs from Sunday to Thursday. So we have had to adjust to going to church on Fridays. - Aug 2014

A few. General ones. Catholic. - May 2014

Several in Maadi. - Apr 2014

Yes. All kinds, but we didn't go to any of them. - Jul 2013

Catholic in English. I can't comment on anything else. - Jul 2013

Pretty much so. There is no Unitarian Universalist, though (our pref), as far as I can tell. - Jun 2013

Yes, there are churches in Maadi in English. - Jun 2013

Yes, it is all available. - May 2013

Available in Maadi. - May 2013

All denominations and in English. - May 2013

Christian services are available in a variety of denominations and languages. I can't speak to other religions. - Feb 2013

A fairly wide variety of denominational churches offer English services, and there is a synagogue here. Whether any mosques offer English services I don't know. - Feb 2013

Yes, there are some. - Mar 2013

There are several Christian services. - Mar 2013

Yes, there are many English-language services for major denominations. - Feb 2013

Lots of Christian Services. - Jan 2013

Absolutely. I've seen many, many different churches of varying denominations here in Maadi! - Nov 2012

At least 4 international, English speaking churches: St. John the Baptist (Anglican/Episcopal), Maadi Community Church, Heliopolis Community Church and All Saints Cathedral (Anglican). Also St. Andrew's downtown, and a catholic church in Maadi. - Sep 2011

Yes, protestant, Roman Catholic, Coptic are all available in Ma'adi. There is a synagogue downtown. - Aug 2011

A lot of English-language Christian services of many denominations are available. Outside of Christian and Muslim services, it will be harder to find. - Jul 2011

There are plenty of English services and denominations. Holy Family (Catholic), St. John's (Episcopalian), Maadi Community (non-denominational), and more. There's also a synagogue run by the Israeli Embassy. - Jun 2011

Plenty of choices here and prices are comparable to the US. - Jun 2010

Yes, numerous Christian denominations have services in English. There are also Jewish services on major holidays, but they are mostly held in Hebrew for the benefit of the Israeli Embassy staff. - Dec 2009

Yes, the church of St. John the Baptist has a lovely English-language service on Saturday evenings in the Episcopal tradition - very nice, family church. - May 2008

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