Cairo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is it easy to make friends with locals here? Are there any prejudices or any ethnic groups who might feel uncomfortable here?

Not particularly. I tried fairly hard to make friends with locals and due to socioeconomic reasons and general cultural reasons (Egyptians have such great and tight family and social circles, there's no need for new friends) I haven't been successful. - Mar 2023

Yes! We've definitely made friends with Egyptians and have found them very welcoming. - Aug 2022

Yes, Egyptians are warm and welcoming and fun to get to know. Many are well-educated and easy to relate to, similar to friends back home. However, Egyptians can be quite racist especially towards Africans and black people. There are also very segregated social classes in Cairo with stark differences in opportunities, education, and privilege. - Mar 2022

Very easy to make friends with locals. They are extremely friendly and giving. People who look Filipino or Nigerian/Sudanese may face some prejudice because they are usually the people who are hired as domestic workers so some Egyptians treat them badly. Its not until they hear your accent that they change. I didn't experience or see this, but heard it from several people. - Dec 2021

Yes, the locals are very friendly. I would be cautious of people being your friend to ask you for money. But ultimately everyone here is very friendly and kind and willing to share what they have. - Feb 2021

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