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I had heard that the Tri-Missions community was not particularly tight, but I thought it was much better than I expected. - Jul 2018

Try living in Bratislava or Czech Republic instead. Close. Cheaper. That's where Viennese go to shop! Maybe even Germany. Cars are cheaper to buy and entrance fees for attractions are cheaper too. - Jun 2016

Musicologist and Episcopal priest Prentiss Dunn offers terrific music appreciation classes in his home. I highly recommend them, and you meet a very interesting group of people that way, too. Email [email protected] or [email protected] - Jul 2014

If you are interested in living in Vienna or newly arriving, I highly recommend browsing through the Trivienna website. - Aug 2013

If you are used to smaller posts, Vienna may be a bit of a shock. There is not a lot of embassy togetherness going on. Everyone is very spread out geographically and many people travel a lot. I do not think I would want to spend our entire career in posts like this. But for three years, it is fine, and there is so much to do here outside of the tri-mission community. We are enjoying it a lot.

For information about Vienna, in English, check out our community website: Trivienna - May 2013

There is a lot to see and do in and around Vienna. There are two major flaws: the cost of everything, and the attitude of the locals. Eventually you realize that neither of these things is going to a) change, or b) do all that much damage. Just be ready for it and enjoy one of the cleanest, safest and most centrally located places on the planet! - Aug 2011

Vienna is a beautiful, charming city, with a lot of history and culture, set in the middle of Europe. - Aug 2009

Be ready to enjoy all the convieniences of a mdern, world-class city in a small package, and with MUCH less stress or worry about safety or security concerns. Dont forget to go and listen to jazz or classical music (or the Boys Choir!) in the Rathaus PLatz or one of many playhouses or arenas, or one of the fairs! - Jul 2009

I don't mean to be hard on my fellow expats, but this isn't America. If you expect friendly faces, familiar grocery stores, etc. you are going to be disappointed. I think this is a very nice posting with no real hardships. That doesn't mean no bad days, but it's a matter of perspective. - Apr 2008

I love Vienna and Austria. Its location gives you the opportunity to travel a lot around Europe. - Jan 2008


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