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Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Available, yes. - Sep 2021

My son attended preschool in the 19th district at Fleur. We had a good experience. It was 240 euros per month and he could stay from 7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. This price also included lunch. Austrian preschool is focused more on play than instruction and they went outside twice a day. They also went on field trips. - Feb 2019

There are many great options including both public (60ish euros a month) and private (300-400 euros per month seems normal for private though there is a huge range). Both are highly subsidized by the government and even diplomats get the subsidy. If you want a preschool right by your housing you might need to wait for an opening but if you're willing to commute with your child you'll likely find something. We've been pleased with the quality but definitely ask around visit in person. - Mar 2015

Yes, many. - Jul 2014

There are many options - the city subsidizes care so expenses are on the lower side (less than 100 Euros per month; private ones are more expensive). Check out the following search engines to find a preschool: Kindergarten Kinderdrehscheibe - Aug 2013

All the families with young children that I know of send their kids to preschool. There seem to be a ton of options. Babysitting and nannies are widely available, but expensive. - May 2013

The American Employees Association runs a preschool (Embassy children have priority).I also knew some people who sent their children to Austrian preschools/daycare (German language).Nannies are about 10 euros/hour, which can get very expensive if you're working full time. - Aug 2011

Lots of pre-schools available, but pricey. There are 2 excellent International Montessori pre-schools, one near the UN and another located downtown. Daycare costs 10-15 Euros/hour. - Aug 2009

There is a very expensive, embassy association-run preschool. There are also tons of Austrian preschools that vary in price and quality. We are very happy with the one we chose. - Aug 2009

No daycare, period. If you have a child under the age of two and both parents are working you need a nanny. And they aren't cheap -- you'll pay what you'd pay in the States. That said, we have a absolutely wonderful nanny that immigrated here from the Philippines and our family is very happy to have found her. If you know you will need someone, start looking early-- the easiest way is to find someone that is leaving and hire their nanny/housekeeper. I hate to be negative, but the CLO/Embassy was of no help other than to suggest to advertise in the newsletter (duh). Other potential resources are the Vienna Babies Club or (I know a couple of families that have had a good experience with this service.). Some preschools will take children as young as 18 months, but they aren't full day programs. You might be able to cobble together full day care when your child is three or four. Also, do what you like, but there are laws concerning the employment of nannies and domestic help. There is an FSN at the Embassy that is very helpful for navigating the legal side of things. - Apr 2008

Plenty are available. - Jan 2008

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