Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No. - Sep 2022

No more than any other city of its size. - Sep 2021

Not much at all. There have been some concerns across all European cities of terrorist threats, but Vienna generally seems to be a bit more under the radar than other major European cities. - Jul 2018

There are some sketchy areas along the Gürtel at night, but not really in areas that expats would be in, anyway. There are also panhandlers and the like typical of a larger urban area, but really, nothing more is needed than what commonsense might dictate. - Nov 2017

Home break-ins. Late-night muggings. Haven't heard/seen of pick-pockets. Plenty of drug dealers hanging out in certain locations - even where families go. There are many beggars sitting around (including on the subway/tram). - Jun 2016

There are the typical tourist city pickpocketing problems and scams. The occasional protest blocks off some of the city and occasionally gets out of hand (but we've always been well informed about this ahead of time). Home break-ins are not uncommon, even in apartments, so be sure to lock all the bolts on your doors. Police presence in noticeably higher around the city (particularly in U-bahn stations) since the Charlie Hebdo shootings. - Mar 2015

Very few. There is little violent crime in Vienna. There are some home break-ins and some pickpocketing, but compared to most of the world, this is a very, very safe place. - Jul 2014

Aside from common sense measures, you should be all right. - Mar 2014

This is about the safest city I have lived in but you still should use common sense precautions, as you would in any major city. In terms of home safety, there are increasing reports of break-ins and burglaries so be sure to close all windows and use your alarm systems. - Aug 2013

The city is very safe, with the exception of a lot of pickpockets in the tourist areas. Anyone with average foreign service street smarts should be able to deal with this. I have heard of some home burglaries occurring, but only when the occupants weren't home. It's not something people really worry about a lot, in my experience. - May 2013

Although crime is reportedly on the rise, there are still many stories of someone leaving their cellphone on a bus bench and coming back hours later to find it's still there. - Jan 2013

not that I knew of. I felt very safe - Aug 2011

None. - Aug 2011

Few. Vienna is a very safe city. School-age children ride public transport (bus, tram, Metro) safely on a regular basis. - Aug 2009

None. This is a very safe city. That being said, use common sense. - Aug 2009

This is possibly the safest city I have been in in 6 yrs of foreign service travel. Of course you should always take the normal big-city precautions, but it's not likely they are really needed. I walked the city at all hours and NEVER felt threatened. I could never say that back home. - Jul 2009

None. - May 2008

Very few, although home break-ins are apparently on the rise. Otherwise,Vienna is unbelievably safe. Children as young as 8 or 9 ride public transportation to and from school without adult supervision. - Apr 2008

No, Vienna is a safe place. - Jan 2008

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