Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

No personal experience, but people seemed happy with the Lysee and AIS. - Sep 2021

There are TONS of international schools. From what I've heard, they're generally excellent, though I have heard of some issues with AIS. - Jul 2018

International schools are offered across many platforms: Christian, French, Russian and Swedish, along with the two most-known international schools. Admission is selective at the AIS Vienna; our experience with the school has been positive. - Nov 2017

Several international schools, including the American International School in a beautiful setting next to vineyards and the Vienna Woods. We have not had school-aged kids in Vienna for more than 20 years, so can't really weigh in on this. - Jul 2014

All three schools are IB and have pretty challenging programs at the high-school level. It is very important to establish which school your kids will be attending before you accept a housing assignment. The three major schools are in totally different parts of the city. If, for example, you are housed out by AIS by default, simply because you have school-aged kids, and if one or more of them attends one of the other schools, the commute would be really long---possibly an hour or more by public transportation or school bus. This was a major reason we asked for a new housing assignment. - May 2013

Our child attends AIS, but I don't have enough experience with the school yet to make a firm judgement. So far, they seem okay, although I wish the communication between parents and teachers was better. - Jan 2013

Great education. Slightly difficult to interact with locals. There is a palpable fear of foreigners here. - Aug 2011

AIS is the best of the lot; it's academically demanding, with a full IB program; some kids also attend VIS. - Aug 2009

AIS, VIS and VCS are the most popular. Most kids are at AIS but AIS won't accomodate special needs. So far, a positive experience. - Aug 2009

No experience. Most Embassy folks send their children to the American International School (AIS) and they seem happy with it. It has a gorgeous campus. The other popular schools are the Vienna International School and Danube International School. - Apr 2008

Available, but I have no experience with them. - Jan 2008

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