Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Delivery services have really taken off since the pandemic. This is true for expats and locals alike. Vienna is a very international city, so it's hard for me to say if there are any real expat hangouts. - Sep 2022

There's pretty much everything if you know where to look: from Michelin star restaurants to 4 am sausage stands; there are excellent Japanese restaurants, excellent Napoli style pizza, great Indian, Thai, Georgian, etc. Obviously Austrian restaurants are plentiful, but I tended to stay away from them unless I was out in the countryside (where you don't really have a choice anyway) because I need to be climbing a mountain to burn off a schnitzel or kaesespaetzle! - Sep 2021

There is anything you want in Vienna. There is Foodora, Lieferservice, and UberEats. Our favorite restaurant in the 19th district was Figls. We loved sitting at the heurigers in the summer time. - Feb 2019

Viennese is wonderful: some dishes don't sound like they'd be all that great (e.g., Tafelspitz is a boiled beef dish), but I've always enjoyed them. I have no idea how many schnitzels I ate, but I never tired of it. The pastries are generally quite good, though I must admit that I was a bit underwhelmed by Sachertorte (usually seemed a bit dry). Vienna is also the only European capital with wineries inside the city limits - they all have their own restaurant and wine tavern referred to as "heurigers." Almost every type of ethnic food can be found in Vienna. If you want something to be spicy, you have to specifically ask for it (e.g., "I want it Thai hot") - even then, don't expect it to be spicy. Short of that, the quality of options are fantastic. Vienna has one of the world's 10 highest rated restaurants (Steirereck); some of my personal favorites: 1st District - Pürstner & Bettelstudent; 19th District - Fischerbräu (great beer brewed on site) and several heurigers (Fuhrgassl-Huber, Weinhof Zimmerman, Das Schreiberhaus, and Zum Martin Sepp are my personal favorites). - Jul 2018

LOTS of sidewalk sausage/falafel/schnitzel/pizza vendors at cheap prices (3ish euros for most things). McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, and Burger King all have a presence here but there are much better places to eat. It's a big enough city - you can find almost any type of food at almost any price. - Mar 2015

McDonald's is everywhere. I think there's a KFC near Mariahilfestrasse (big shopping street). - Jul 2014

Wide variety and equally wide range in cost. Take your pick. - Mar 2014

The usual suspects plus some unique ones like Turkish kebab stands and, of course, Wuestelstands for your sausage fix! Restaurants can be costly if you want good food but there are some good ones in the middle-price range as well - don't expect the same customer service you have in the U.S. I recommend browsing the useful Trivienna website for ideas and suggestions. - Aug 2013

Tons of restaurants, though the selection is more limited than in DC, for example. The Viennese do great Central European food--goulashes, sausages, schnitzel, etc.--and good Italian food, but you have to look harder for other cuisines. Austrians are scared to death of anything spicy, and are terrible about over-salting food. There are good Thai, Indian, and Mediterannean restaurants, though, you just have to read the reviews online first to find them, or you may end up with a plate full of greasy, salty noodles. All that said, with a little research, we eat very well here! The cost of eating out is higher than DC, but not as much more as you might expect given the overall cost of living here. Oh, and there is McDonalds and Burger King, of course :) - May 2013

McDonald's, Burger King, KFC - none of which are all that good. Austrian fast food is at sausage stands and yummy sandwich shops. You'll also see Asian noodle stands, doner kebap stands and pizza stands on nearly every corner. Traditional Austrian fare (schnitzel, goulash, etc.) can get a little heavy, but there are lots of international options as well. Since Vienna is a major European capital, the prices can get astronomical for some of the high-end fancy places, but you can eat cheap, too. - Jan 2013

There are MANY restaurants (even Mexican, which in my experience is hard to find overseas).As with everything in Vienna, it's expensive and we didn't eat out that often, but there are lots of different cuisines to choose from besides Austrian food if you're tired of schnitzel. - Aug 2011

MacDonald's is good and cheaper than a restaurant, but it costs a fortune compared to prices in the US. Better quality. Good pizza take out. Asian delivery. Cost is HIGH. This is the most frustrating part of living here. - Aug 2011

McD's, WienerWald, etc. There are tons of nice restaurants. Dont forget the thousands of coffee-houses. - Aug 2009

McDonalds, Subway, TGI Fridays, Starbucks. All expensive. - Aug 2009

Why go to McDonald's, Burger King or Pizza Hut (all available for those who miss the taste of home) when you have Wurst stands and chicken stands all over the city? You can have a doner kebab, a Gyro, a wurst of many types, or salad and a beer, usually for less than 6 Euros. Of course its a world-class city and has some world-class restaurants. But one of the nicest things about Vienna is that it shares with NYC the ability to eat well cheaply when one wants. Do stop in at the Sacher Hotel (bring money!) and have one of the chocolate desserts! - Jul 2009

McDonald's, Burger King and that is about it. - May 2008

McDonald's, Burger King, others. Lots of decent and some very good dining to be had. - Apr 2008

McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut. Although the local cuisine is much better. - Jan 2008


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