Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Vienna is LGBTQ+ friendly. - Sep 2022

It's pretty good, though like anywhere there's the odd disapproving look or comment. I never felt unsafe, though, and Vienna Pride is fantastic! There's also the Life Ball every year. - Sep 2021

Vienna seems to be a very LGBT-friendly city. There's a huge pride parade every summer. - Jul 2018

Seems like it. It is a Socialist city after all. - Jun 2016

Yes. There is a fantastic gay pride annual event that takes over city hall every year -- lots of fun. - Jul 2014

I believe yes. - Mar 2014

Yes - Vienna has a huge annual PRIDE parade! - Aug 2013

Yes. - May 2013

Vienna hosts one of the largest AIDS charitable events, the Life Ball, each year, and it is widely attended by celebrities (including Bill Clinton), as well as an array of flamboyantly-dressed individuals. It also has a week long Gay Pride event where, among other things, all the city's trams are decked out with rainbow flags. - Jan 2013

Definitely yes. - Aug 2011

Yes. - Aug 2009

I think so. - Aug 2009

I saw no overt discrimination vs alternative lifestyles, and it seemd to be generally accepted that people live as they wish. - Jul 2009

I would think so. - Apr 2008

I think so, Austrians have no problem with people of other orientation. - Jan 2008


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