Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing. I can get everything here. - Sep 2022

Plain peanut butter (only sweetened north american or unroasted were available), sriracha. - Sep 2021

I wish I had a bunch of chocolate chips to make homemade cookies. - Feb 2019

Anything spicy (the Austrian palate does not tend towards any kind of spiciness). - Jul 2018

Real peanut butter. The options are improving, though. - Nov 2017

Peanut butter, dehydrated coffee, decaf coffee, American crackers, detergent, refillable hand soaps. (They have fillable hand soaps but you're paying a premium.) - Jun 2016

Nothing but I'm not tied to American goods. - Mar 2015

U.S. breakfast cereals and peanut butter is pretty much all we shipped, food-wise. Oh, and vanilla, orange and almond extracts. - Jul 2014

Vanilla extract - I've only found vanilla sugar and pure vanilla. Everything else you can find here or order online! - Aug 2013

With the DPO and pouch available, I can't really think of much I would ship. The embassy furniture pool is nothing to write home about--we all have the old, ratty Drexel here--so stuff to cover it up? Also, I would ship (or buy locally at Ikea) any home office furniture. - May 2013

Can't think of anything. - Jan 2013

I'm glad I shipped staples and baby supplies such as diapers and food - all of which are, of course, readily available in Vienna, but very expensive. - Aug 2011

A healthy supply of corn tortillas. There is NO good Mexican food here. And I mean....NONE! We've looked. - Aug 2011

Cold-weather clothing - Aug 2009

Laundry detergent and stain treater, any other kind of liquid food. - Aug 2009

BEEF. Cental Europeans arent interested or familiar with it, apparently. Anything electronic, other than cell phones. That stuff is very expensive. A Bike! These people think a cheap bike is $400 or more! - Jul 2009

FOOD!!!!! - May 2008

You can find everything here, it's a question of cost. I'd ship my Weber grill again because it would cost 2x as much here. Ditto for big baby/kid/toddler items, bikes. Ship contact solution if you need it. With the exchange rate I don't buy shoes or clothes here. - Apr 2008

I can't think of anything I would like to ship. - Jan 2008


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