Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Getting packages can be a pain. The Austrian Post is not the best. We rely on a nearby package collection place for most packages. There are many of these places through the city. - Sep 2022

Local post is surprisingly slow (I once received a Christmas card from elsewhere in the EU in April!) but DHL/FedEx/etc. are available. I received most mail through the mission. - Sep 2021

Diplomatic post. - Feb 2019

Diplomatic pouch. Occasionally I ordered a few things on Amazon's German site, which would deliver quickly to the local post office for pick-up. I never had any issues. - Jul 2018

The local post offices are more than adequate for sending and receiving packages; oftentimes, though, one must be prepared for the queues. - Nov 2017

DPO - Mar 2015

DPO, pouch, local mail. - Jul 2014

DPO - which is okay, but tends to run quite slow (2-3 weeks to get to the States). - Mar 2014

APO and pouch - APO takes about 10 days; pouch is longer as it's routed through Germany. The Austrian mail system is, unsurprisingly, excellent and in many cases faster than getting APO mail back to the U.S. - Aug 2013

We have DPO and pouch. Austrian mail is also good, and not too expensive. - May 2013

Through the Embassy DPO, but there are government mailboxes and post offices everywhere. - Jan 2013

DPO. It usually took about 2 weeks, but around the holidays things took over a month to get to us. - Aug 2011

DPO. Awesome! - Aug 2011

Diplomatic pouch and DPO. - Aug 2009

DPO. - Aug 2009

Local mail is expensive but reliable -- if not always fast. All of the world couriers are available (Fedex, DHL, etc). The embassy of course has APO/DPO and Pouch. - Jul 2009

APO but it's not good. - May 2008

Austria Post is pretty reliable. - Apr 2008

Via Austrian Mail. - Jan 2008


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