Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are a lot of gyms and they range from super-cheap to outrageously expensive. It depends on what you want. You can find everything from yoga/pilates studios, to traditional gyms, to CrossFit and other functional fitness centers. - Sep 2022

Gyms are expensive, but there are lots of public areas with workout equipment, running and biking trails, and of course mountains and forests to hike in! Swimming in the Donau river in the summer is great, and of course winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, x-country) are hugely popular and cheaper (with far better food options!) than NA. - Sep 2021

There are various gyms and workout facilities around the city. We belonged to Holmes Place because it was right next door to the UN. There are yoga studios with English classes and I took a boot camp class at the local park. - Feb 2019

I've heard from others that some gyms are reasonably priced (not cheap, but manageable). That said, they usually only work with 12-month contracts; flexibility didn't seem to be a virtue in many aspects of Austrian life. - Jul 2018

For 20 Euros/month FitInn is a basic gym with some locations spread around. Next up, for 60 Euros/month there is Club Danube with a few large gyms. Then John Holmes 90-120 Euros/month with a 99 Euro joining fee. This is one of the two local elite clubs. - Jun 2016

The Embassy has a small, sort of sad gym. There are private ones at varying prices and quality (30-100+ euros per month). - Mar 2015

The missions have some small workout rooms -- they're squished and a little dingy, but they get the job done if all you want is to run on a treadmill/lift a few weights. There are plenty of gyms competing with each other around the city, too, for not-bad prices, comparable to U.S. gym prices. - Jul 2014

There are quite a few in the city, at a wide range of cost. Shop around. I understand there is a small gym in the basement of the Embassy, too. - Mar 2014

Available of varying quality and expenses - the CLO just negotiated a good rate with a nice gym but overwhelmingly the gyms are expensive (around 100 Euros per month plus a ridiculous high initiation fee) or run-down. I ended up exercising outdoors in the many parks here (you will see many joggers and Nordic walkers!). - Aug 2013

Yes. We belong to a very nice gym. Very clean, tons of equipment. The only problem is that it is not air conditioned--it doesn't even have fans. So, it can get pretty miserable in the summer. (Yes, this is insane.) - May 2013

Yes - they're not on every street corner but they do exist and seem to be comparable to the U.S. Beware of the co-ed spas if you're at all modest. - Jan 2013

Yes, but they're expensive. I preferred to walk in the city or hike in local parks for exercise. - Aug 2011

There is a good gym at the VIC. It caters to expats. - Aug 2011

Yes --- but they are expensive. There are excellent hiking and biking trails in the Vienna woods --- a mere 20-30 min from downtown - Aug 2009

The embassy has a gym. Austrian gyms are available but tend to be expensive and their opening hours may not be accomodating of a US-type work schedule. - Aug 2009

Yes, but they are expensive. If you work for the US Embassy, they have a small workout room in one of the apartment complexes. - Jul 2009

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