Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Summers in Vienna are now quite hot. We noticed it getting hotter each summer we've been here. We have air conditioning, but not all places have it. The winter is cold, but it's not bitter cold. The thing no one told me about, and this is year-round except for some of the summer, is the wind. Vienna is extremely windy! - Sep 2022

Winters are mild; it rarely snows in Vienna. Spring and fall are long and beautiful, and summer tends to be quite humid and sticky. - Sep 2021

You get all 4 seasons in Vienna. - Feb 2019

You get all four seasons; summer in Vienna is magical. The only issue is that some Austrians have, um, slightly different hygiene standards, which was be a bit unpleasant on public transportation in summer (this summer, it was so warm that they started offering free deodorant samples on public transport). - Jul 2018

Spring and summer gets surprisingly hot! Winters haven't been as cold as I expected. Maybe a few weeks a year it gets below freezing. - Jun 2016

It doesn't get nearly as cold as you might expect and the snow rarely seems to stick around for long. A few weeks in the summer can be hot and somewhat miserable when riding buses and old trams. The gray in the winter sometimes seems to go on forever but then you're generally rewarded with streaks of perfectly sunny days. - Mar 2015

Four seasons, but none extreme. Snow in winter (but not a lot), maybe one very cold week. Fairly cool springs. Some heat in the summer, maybe one or two weeks in the 90s, but not more. Beautiful falls. If you like a lot of snow and skiing, you can get that within an hour or two drive from Vienna for a good 5 months of the year, at least. - Jul 2014

Four seasons - although summers can be very hot and humid. - Mar 2014

Four seasons so be prepared for all types of weather! Spring and fall are beautiful and quite comfortable. Summers can get very hot (we reached 103F just a few weeks ago and A/C is generally not available here!) and winters can be....well, long, grey, and cold. This past winter, we had the first snowfall in October and the last snowstorm in April - it was long. But, the Viennese make up for this by hosting a number of Christmas/Winter markets and enjoying outdoor sports, so don't forget to bring your sled and ice-skates! - Aug 2013

The winter here is very long and very, very gray. People who have never had winter blues before get them here. It is not Moscow-cold, but many days hover in the 20s or 30s with a biting wind. I have not met many fans of the Vienna winter! Summer is mostly very pleasant, but there are some stretches of 90+ temperatures that can get pretty uncomfortable because the city is not equipped for hot weather. And even when there is air conditioning, the Viennese don't like to use it---or to open windows! They don't like to use fans, either. This is truly bizarre. Trams and buses, in particular, can get really stifling hot. I have seen some elderly people looking like they are in danger of heat stroke. Summers are definitely getting hotter here, but these people simply don't know how to deal with hot weather. In short, overall, I would not count the weather as an advantage of living here. - May 2013

Nice summers (although there were a few hot days near or just over 90F) and cold winters. In the summer the sun starts rising at 4:00 am and doesn't set until after 9:00 pm - long dark winters. - Jan 2013

Spring and Fall are beautiful. Summer can be hot and there is very little air conditioning. Winter is rainy and dark. - Aug 2011

Hot and humid in summer. Cool and temperate fall. Cold, snowy winter, warm beautiful spring. The essence of four seasons. - Aug 2011

4 seasons --- cold winters, nice summers. - Aug 2009

4 distinct seasons. Cold but not bitter winter, with some snow in the city, short spring, lovely summer (albeit rainy), nice fall. - Aug 2009

Weather in Austria is a mixed bag. You do get plenty of rain, but its not as bad as Germany, so you will see the sun a lot. It can get quite chilly in winter, with snow and ice, but I went in summer and it was usually very warm. - Jul 2009

Four seasons. Some winters in the past few years have been mild, but it snows. Someone told me it was like DC. They lied. - Apr 2008

Four seasons but there is a lot of rain and it can get pretty windy too. - Jan 2008

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