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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Most don't work or telecommute for clients in their home countries. It's not just a matter of work authorization. Most places want German speakers. I can't comment on salary. - Sep 2022

I've seen a mix; there are also EFM jobs available in the Tri-Missions. - Jul 2018

There are some with the UN agencies, OSCE, and schools but they are highly competitive. If you speak fluent German your options will be much wider. - Mar 2015

Probably not, given strict labor laws. Teachers at the English-speaking schools, scientists at Atomic Energy: those are two possibilities. - Jul 2014

That's a good question! Most people I know work at the Embassy or have a portable business - that said, the Embassy just got a new GEA who has been a great resource to those seeking outside Mission employment. - Aug 2013

I do not follow this closely because I already have a part-time job. But I do not know many spouses who are fully employed here. The language barrier is probably a major reason for that. - May 2013

Maybe in some of the UN missions or other government agencies. - Jan 2013

To work on the local economy, you'd most likely need to know German. There are a few jobs at the embassy. I wanted to work but couldn't find anything. - Aug 2011

Not that I have seen. You must speak German, fluently. - Aug 2011

Hmm - tough. - Aug 2009

Can be. It depends on what you're looking for. German is a huge plus. The embassy recently cut the LEA program, which was a foolish move. EFM jobs are limited. - Aug 2009

Don't know. The embassy will work to get your spouse a job here, especially if said spouse is skilled, but I didn't see a lot of opportunities for other expats out on the economy. I think you would have to speak German fluently. Only having been there for 4 months though, I might not know. - Jul 2009

None. - May 2008

Yes, but not tons. If you speak German it's easier. - Apr 2008

Not many. - Jan 2008

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