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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We have someone come in to clean our apartment once every other week. The cleaning lady spends three hours and charges 45 Euro. This is pretty standard, although I think most cleaning services prefer weekly to every other week. Dog walkers are also available in the city. - Sep 2022

Available but not super cheap and is about 12 EUR/hour. - Sep 2021

We only employed a babysitter, and that generally ran ten euros per hour. We have one child. - Feb 2019

Many people who can afford to hire nannies for their kids; I've generally heard it's pretty expensive. Occasionally we hired someone to do some extra housekeeping; to be honest, I wasn't particularly impressed. - Jul 2018

Housekeeping and general maintenance help is available, mostly through word of mouth or social media groups. Compared to DC the costs are much less. Specialty help (painters, for example) tend to be more expensive. - Nov 2017

10 euros/hr for babysitters or cleaners seems to be the going rate. People are frequently advertising that their nanny/cleaner is looking for extra hours. - Mar 2015

Availability good -- I do not know cost. - Jul 2014

Widely available. We have a cleaning person and a babysitter both of whom charge 10 Euros per hour which seems to be the norm. - Aug 2013

People do have cleaning ladies (mostly Filipina), but they pay a lot for the privilege. - May 2013

Available and pretty expensive from what I hear. - Jan 2013

Nannies are easy to find but expensive compared to what they cost in developing countries (about 10 euros/hour). - Aug 2011

A maid is 10 Euro per hour. Be get burglarized fairly routinely while people are on vacation. Homes are cased, no question about it. - Aug 2011

Expensive! 10-15 Euros/hour. - Aug 2009

Available, usually Filipina. We pay 10 Euros an hour, which seems to be standard. - Aug 2009

VERY available and very expensive. - Jul 2009

Expensive. - May 2008

Sort of available and cost is high. For cleaning 6-8 euros an hour and babysitting 8-10 euros an hour. - Apr 2008

High. I didn't need domestic help. - Jan 2008

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