Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Mobile phone plans are good here. I use my data a lot and have a data-intensive plan and it's only 20 Euros a month. - Sep 2022

I used Drei, and often had full bars in the middle of the Alps. EU-wide roaming, unlimited calls, and 20GB of data cost something like 25EUR a month. Ridiculously cheap. - Sep 2021

We used a local provider, Drei, and were satisfied. - Feb 2019

We had a package deal with A1 for TV, home internet, and cell phone. It was very helpful to have a local cell plan, especially if you traveled in the EU since there were no roaming charges. - Jul 2018

With EU-wide roaming having an Austrian mobile phone offers greater flexibility than a non-EU plan. - Nov 2017

If you get a portable WiFi box from a local company and pay the monthly (or top-up cost), then you have created your own WiFi network and can carry this around with you in Austria. Then you can use Skype or the Line for free to make phone calls/video calls/Facebook, etc. - Jun 2016

There are several options. Prepaid is cheap and easy, especially with an unlocked phone. - Mar 2015

There are a few outlets that the mission folks use -- best to get there and then ask around. Costs are similar to programs in the States, and you are locked in -- allow 6 months before leaving to start asking how to get out of your contract so you don't get caught paying extra. I think our "Drei" (3) contract required us to cancel 2 months before leaving. - Jul 2014

You need one! Check the TriVienna website for information on how you can obtain one. The main providers here are T-Mobile, A1, and Drei (just merged with Orange). - Aug 2013

This is a complicated subject. There are dozens of plans, and pay-as-you-go is also available. One thing to be careful about is roaming charges. Make sure the plan you choose allows for some kind of inexpensive roaming arrangement. I pay 20 Euros a week flat fee for roaming and data when traveling with my T-Mobile phone. - May 2013

Cell phones here are great, and Vienna really takes advantage of them. You can pay for parking, your metro tickets, and tons of useful apps put out by the city for getting around: bus schedules, getting a taxi, etc. I highly recommend getting a smart phone to take advantage of all of that. - Jan 2013

Don't buy one in the states and expect it to work here. Either get a cheap pay-by- the-minute phone or plan to invest in a phone AND plan here. - Aug 2011

Local plans are good but expensive. - Aug 2009

Everyone has one; the market is competitive, so it's easy to find a good deal. - Aug 2009

No recommendations are really needed here. It is a very modern country, everyone has the cellphone of their choice. Choose the plan that works for you. Most vendors speak english, in my experience. - Jul 2009

Expensive. - May 2008

Pay as you go. You can shop around for plans. - Apr 2008

There are very attractive offers from several cell phone services providers. - Jan 2008

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