Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. This is an old city. Vienna is doing a lot to make the city more accessible, but I would still consider it difficult. Ramps and elevators are great, but when the sidewalks are narrow, it's hard to maneuver. - Sep 2022

Some. Most transit stations have elevators, but the old-style trams are still in use so sometimes you'd have to wait for the next one if you were in a wheelchair. Many buildings and shops have at least a few stairs at the entrance, and some of the sidewalks are quite narrow. - Sep 2021

If someone is in a wheelchair, I think they would struggle living in the city. There are not a lot of ramps up to buildings, the elevators (if they have them) in buildings are very small, and public transportation has spots for people with physical disabilities but Vienna still runs trams that are not wheelchair accessible and a lot of times the elevators are slow or not working in ubahn stations. - Feb 2019

Some, but public transportation is pretty good in this regard and several buildings are accessible, though many of the older buildings are not. - Jul 2018

Possibly. Not all of the trams are accessible, and not every private shop is easy to navigate for someone with mobility issues. - Nov 2017

No. Public transport is wheel-chair capable for buses, trams, and subways. Elevators at each station seem always to work. (Only caveat is that some wheelchair buses are less often and houses/business often have steps.) - Jun 2016

As someone who travelled the city with a stroller I'd say yes. The older trams and sbahn trains have steps inside the train. Even the low floor buses can have a large gap between the bus and the curb. Elevators in u-bahn stations are often closed for repair. I rarely see anyone in a wheel chair on public transportation. Lots of streets are cobblestoned. - Mar 2015

On the cobblestone streets in the center, yes, there would be difficulties. However, there are some accommodations, elevators in the subway, etc. - Jul 2014

Yes, I'm afraid so. As convenient as Vienna is, it's still a very old city. That means lots of steps - old cobblestone streets - smaller elevators (where they have them) - etc. Anyone with mobility issues would likely find it challenging. - Mar 2014

Having pushed a double stroller around for most of my time here, I have to say the city does a great job of making pretty much everything wheelchair accessible. - Aug 2013

It would be difficult. I toured around with my elderly grandmother, and while people are very nice and accommodating, there is a lot of walking required to get anywhere. Not all public transportation is handicapped accessible. Many buildings are not--mostly because they are so old. Streets are uneven, and some sidewalks downtown are not wide enough for a wheelchair. - May 2013

Cobblestone streets in the 1st district could be a slight challenge, and many places have stairs with no elevators. Lots of restrooms in restaurants are downstairs in the basement. - Jan 2013

It would be hard.there are a lot of stairs and hills and IF buildings have elevators, they are TINY (e.g. might not be able to fit a wheelchair or scooter) - Aug 2011

Not many, actually. The outskirts can be hilly, but the access to public transportation is pretty great. - Aug 2011

Lots. - Aug 2009

Cobblestone streets! Trams are not wheelchair friendly. That being said, there are a lot of old people here who manage just fine. - Aug 2009

In museums and govt buildings there are attempts to modernize to high levels of adaptation and accessibility, but this is an OLD city. - Jul 2009

None. - May 2008

Some, but there are lots of elevators for the U-Bahn. Older buildings would be an issue. - Apr 2008

I don't think there would be any. - Jan 2008


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