Vienna - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Vienna is not the most kid-friendly city. But there are families here and there seem to be enough services for them. It's great for couples. I think it would be good for single people too. The night life is not that great, but I'm at a point in my life where I don't want to be out all night. I think if I was younger this might bother me if I was single. - Sep 2022

I found it a great place to be single and a great place to be in a couple. - Sep 2021

It is an EXCELLENT post for families; tons of parks, lots of pools, cheap travel opportunities. A must on any bid list. - Feb 2019

It's a great family post. I heard some singles complain that the single scene was not particularly exciting and that meeting new people for dating was no easy. I've heard others mention that they sometimes had issues with locals not being very kid-friendly on public transportation, but we never had any issues (then again, our daughter is pretty darn cute, IMHO). :) - Jul 2018

Speaking only for families, yes, this is a great city in which to live. - Nov 2017

Good for singles because they can travel and spend money without worrying. Can go to a lot of places. Families could take driving trips. - Jun 2016

It's a good city for everyone as long as you're willing to go out and explore it. If you sit around waiting for the CLO to provide your entertainment you will be bored as there aren't many mission-wide events. If you need to feel a tight connection with the USG community this is not the place for you. - Mar 2015

Good for all. - Jul 2014

Good for everyone, I think. - Mar 2014

It's a fantastic city for everyone! - Aug 2013

It's a good city for anyone with money! The cost of living is high, but it is a lot of fun to live here (there is a COLA for US government employees.) - May 2013

Yes, yes, and yes, although you'll hear how much the Austrians don't tolerate children well. I haven't found it to be overly problematic. And, in fact, Austria has a ton of things geared towards kids, starting with a playground in every park, lots of kids' museums and gigantic indoor play parks, plus an entire group of hotels specifically geared towards small children (Google "kinderhotels in Austria"). - Jan 2013

Good for everyone. There is lots of green space and parks, many cultural events, lots of great places to travel - Aug 2011

Anyone will love it here. I understand the night life isn't the most exciting, but it does exist. - Aug 2011

Yes. It's a nice city for families; there is an active night-life for singles and couples. - Aug 2009

Yes to all. - Aug 2009

Excellent for all. Many museums, while definitely worthwhile, don't offer english interpretation though, so a bit of internet searching prior to visting can reap rewards in the amount of enjoyment and understanding. - Jul 2009

Great for families and singles. Couples without children have a tough time since the expats travel and do not associate with each other. Too many cliques. - May 2008

For everyone, really. I will buck the conventional wisdom and say that I find Vienna a great place to live with a small child. No, you can't take your toddler to a five star restaurant, but why would you want to? There are tons of parks and indoor playgrounds. The public transportation largely accomodates strollers and people make room for you. On the old trams someone will almost always offer to help you get your stroller on and off. I think the standards of behavior for older children are more stringent so I can see things from that viewpoint. The Viennese aren't particularly friendly so singles can be lonely if you don't find a niche somewhere. I think this would be paradise for couples -- just a million things to do. - Apr 2008

It is good for all families, singles and couples. Maybe less for singles. - Jan 2008


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