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December is the peak of summer here and the holidays are prime time for local travel, which drives up prices by about 200%. For Christmas, for example, lodges, hotels, and camp sites book up by about May. June-August, when kids at AISJ are on break, is a much better time for travel in-country even if it is cooler weather. Plan accordingly and have a lower-cost, less-crowded trip. - Jan 2020

South Africa is so more much than you think it is. - Dec 2019

I agree with the Post from January 2012 - well written. - Oct 2014

Although this is Africa, you can have a real life here, and life is similar to working and living in the Washington, DC area. There is a huge expat presence but there is no real sense of community so you need to make your own friends and find your own circles. - Jun 2012

Pretoria can be a bit harder for a single person, but if you get out enough you will find some interesting spots. - Dec 2009

Pretoria has had some difficulty filling positions at post because of some negative comments and opinions. We personally feel this is a fantastic posting. You have the standard of living that is equal to the US or Europe with the benefits of developing country living, such as large housing and domestic help. Plus good weather and English speakers all around.... the plusses have far outweighed the minuses for us. - Aug 2009

There is so much to do here and the country is so diverse that there are endless travel options. The complaints about crime should not overshadow your experience in South Africa. - Feb 2009

Don't miss South Africa if you are the type that likes contradictions and unsolvable puzzles. - Oct 2008

South Africa has great potential, if they can overcome crime. The game parks are fabulous and many are close to Pretoria. Trips to Cape Town are affordable and unforgetable. - Sep 2008

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