What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Proximity to wildlife parks and reserves. Recreational opportunities abound. It is a small-ish city with a really laid-back suburban feel, apart from the crime issue. It is not fast paced. - Jan 2020

See above. A very comfortable and affordable city that is relatively quite that is like southern California but perhaps cleaner, cheaper, and safer. - Dec 2019

It’s a beautiful country with a lot of change. There is a ton to see, the country is large, and there are a lot of engaging and diverse people. - Mar 2019

None. - Jun 2018

Comfortable small city with good resources and amenities. Don't confuse it with a real metropolis. - Jan 2018

Weather. - Oct 2014

Endless recreational opportunities. There is so much to do. Domestic and international travel is reasonable due to various low-cost airlines operating out of Johannesburg. - Jun 2012

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