Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It can take forever to set up: a process involving phone calls, installation contractors, pin numbers via sms, more phone calls, and a lot of waiting but when it finally arrives it is generally fine. There are now truly uncapped plans (in the past you'd get throttled - basically shut off - after roughly three Netflix movies) that are fine for most users for US$75-100 a month. - Jan 2020

Getting the line from telkom can be an epic nightmare, it can take weeks or longer. Internet can be slow, goes down during load-shedding, and 'high speed' capped (80gb per month) is about $150. - Dec 2019

Reliable and fast DSL for $60/month. - Mar 2019

They just have Faiba, but it doesn't work properly for us and ADSL seems extremely slow. - Jun 2018

You will discover that the state telecommunications monopoly, Telkom, is your nemesis, as their service is abysmal for installation and any maintenance problems. Urge your sponsors to try to get internet up and running in your residence before you get there. We keep Telkom because the internet bundle is with our land line, and residences are required to have it. We switched to Afrihost for cheaper, better data and lower rates. - Jan 2018

Internet access is available with varying speeds available (1,2,4,10,20 Mbps). Cost can be considered more expensive since you are required to have a house phone and an adsl line which are provided by TELCOM (Government Owned Monopoly) and than you choose which ISP provider you want to pay for your internet access. In total, it will cost you about US$100 per month for the 4 Mbps which should be fast enough to let you stream online. Of course 10 and 20 Mbps are faster and cost more but are not available at all housing locations. - Oct 2014

Yes, expensive because Telkom has a monopoly and you need to lease a phoneline for the Internet and pay a monthly fee. This comes to over $70/month for a so-so connection. It's reliable though. - Jun 2012

Expensive, capped for total download and speed. Around $34/month for a slow 5GBs ADSL. - Dec 2009

There is ADSL available but the cost is high compared to the U.S. as you pick a plan depending on how many gigs you will use a month. There are constant improvements and new start-ups offering better service than the telephone company but ultimately, the telephone company owns all the ADSL lines in the country and it can take upwards of 20 days to get your service hooked up. - Feb 2009

Yes. The scene and prices are changing all the time - upgrading. - Oct 2008

Yes, broadband and ADSL. More expensive than U.S. Most have usage caps, so price depends on how much throughput you use evary month. - Sep 2008

Yes, about US$110-150 per month according to package. - Jun 2008

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