What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Breweries, pizza places, Indian food, food truck nights, uber eats - everything. The selection is on par with that in DC. - Jan 2020

Lots of varations of a theme--meat-intensive with lots of sauce in a family-friendly restaurant (play areas are common). There are proper nice restaurants with small, but interesting menus but we rarely go there. Uber-eats is popular and many restaurants participate or have delivery. - Dec 2019

If you’re looking for great restaurants, go to Cape Town instead. In Pretoria, there is an abundance of mediocre family-friendly Italian chains. There is little-to-no ‘African’ food, except in a few restaurants catering to tourists, and that sold on the street in the downtown / townships. Most of the food at higher-end places is Afrikaner / European continental (lots of red meat, butter, and cream). There are several pizza joints in Pretoria that will beat anything in the US for creativity (Toni’s; Piza e Vino). There is also a great Indian place (Geet). - Mar 2019

Tons of restaurants, malls, and Uber eats (to order in). - Jun 2018

I don't know of any cuisine that's missing here. The restaurant scene is good (and even better in Cape Town). There's fast food and pub grub and ethnic cuisine and fine dining. You can eat out a lot because prices are modest. You can get pizza and sushi delivered. It's basically Western Europe. - Jan 2018

You can find just about everything imaginable here and the cost is usually cheaper than the States. If you like to eat out often, this place is a good place to live. - Oct 2014

Everything -- McDonald's is here and seems to be the same price as the US. Cinnabon is here, and South Africa has there own fast food. There are many choices of restaurants in Pretoria and Jo-burg -- some of which are excellent. Prices are lower than the US. There is a lack of independent restaurants and most are part of large South African chains, but quality is good. It costs about $25 for a casual dinner for 2 including wine or beer. - Jun 2012

Lots, from McDonald's and KFC, to Cinnabuns, all a bit cheaper than the US. I wouldn't eat at a fast-food joint though. There is so much good food for $10-20. Lunch-time special: 500g T-bone with fries and beer for $7.50. - Dec 2009

McDonald's and KFC are all around. There are also local fast-food places for pizza, burgers, etc. Many restaurants cater to kids and have indoor/outdoor playgrounds where kids play while parents eat and relax. Pretoria is also coming around with great up-scale restaurants. You can find just about everything and the prices are quite reasonable. We've been very pleased with restaurants here. - Aug 2009

Everything fast food is available (McDonald's, KFC, Steers, Nandos, pizza places).The cost is about the same or a little cheaper than the States. - Feb 2009

Endless restaurants in all price ranges. - Oct 2008

KFC and McDonalds are common. Local fast food chains like Nandos and Steers are everywhere. Pretoria has some excellent restaurants, but more are in Johannesburg. - Sep 2008

McDonald's, Subway, KFC, pizza joints, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese. No Mexican. Good steak houses. - Jun 2008

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