Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes; South Africa offers refugee status to people from neighboring countries on the basis of prosecution for sexual preference. - Jan 2020

Good I would think. - Mar 2019

It is obvious that gay/lesbian people live here and there are businesses that cater to that clientele. - Oct 2014

Probably. There are openly gay South Africans and Americans here. - Jun 2012

I think there are limited options. Johannesburg offers a lot more options. - Dec 2009

I really can't say. I imagine it would be OK in Pretoria, but Johannesburg is definitely more liberal and open-minded. - Aug 2009

There are some gay bars in Pretoria and Jo'burg and you often see openly gay people here, both male and female. - Feb 2009

Yes. Very very relaxed. - Oct 2008

There seems to be a reasonable G/L population in South Africa in general. - Sep 2008

There is quite a big GL community. - Jun 2008

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