Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes but I would manage my expectations about overall friendliness of the locals, work satisfaction, and efficiency. Things should be easy here but often they are not. - Jan 2020

Yes. - Dec 2019

For sure. - Mar 2019

No. I was so excited to come here, but my understanding is that several friends and colleagues have left as they were very unhappy. - Jun 2018

I'm here for the work. The city is just a sunny background. - Jan 2018

Yes. - Oct 2014

Yes, although do some research on your job and boss if you work for the USG. This place isn't known for great management. - Jun 2012

Yes, it takes a bit to get used to the security situation, but once you're at peace with that and you travel outside Pretoria, it's totally worth it. - Dec 2009

Absolutely. This will probably always be one of our favorite posts. - Aug 2009

Definitely!! This two or three years of your life should be an adventure and there's plenty of it in South Africa. - Feb 2009

Yes. This is my second tour in South Africa. It will exasperate and delight you - often at the same time. - Oct 2008

Probably not. Although we love getting out to the country and away from the city, Embassy life and the attitude toward the staff makes the work week very unpleasant. - Sep 2008

Yes. - Jun 2008

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