What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Zip lock bags and aluminum foil; they are available here but not great quality. - Jan 2020

We bring salsa, tortilla chips, refried beans, and laundry detergent. Some spices and herbs can be expensive. We brought and acquired here seeds to plant lettuce, kale, and cilanto--all are much better than from the store and easy to grow. - Dec 2019

I ship things like boxed foods (cake mixes etc) and Mexican chilis. These are not widely available. - Jan 2018

I would suggest you talk with your sponsor. Share your shopping regularities and allow them the chance to provide with feedback. Many things are here but if like certain items, they may or may not be here and even if they are, they may be a little different than from what you are used to. Due to the mailing system (limited to 16oz of liquid per shipment) - I would recommend that you ship any liquids (liquid = anything that would leak if the container was damaged) that you consider a must. This would include peanut butter, canned vegetables, salad dressings, other sauces or condiments. - Oct 2014

I would have left some things back in the US as everything is available here. - Jun 2012

Salsa. - Dec 2009

Children's toys -the quality is not great here and prices are too high) and shoes (again, problem with quality vs. price).Electronics and books are much more expensive here than in the States. - Aug 2009

Laundry soap, good coffee, Mexican foods (salsa, tortilla chips, black beans, etc.) but you can order most of these through Amazon or Netgrocer. - Feb 2009

Nothing. - Oct 2008

U.S. breakfast cereals, crackers and cookies, kitty litter, maple syrup, pancake mix. - Sep 2008

U.S.-type pancake syrup (Mrs. Buttersworth, Log Cabin, etc.). - Jun 2008

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