What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Tons! Planet Fitness and Virgin Athletic are the most prominent. Not expensive like in DC, but not dirt cheap. There is a very well-equipped gym available for free at the community center (mission employees only) so if that is an interest, ask to have a house near the cc. - Jan 2020

Virgin gyms, a type of health club, are the most common. Fees are reasonable, but depend on the location and type of membership. Mountain biking and trail running are popular are dedicated and secure(ish) parks. Annual memberships are between $50 and $75. All have restaurants and playgrounds, many have showers, and some have attached gyms. - Dec 2019

The Virgin club seems to be popular. - Mar 2019

Virgin Active. From just a gym to a corporate with swimming pool sauna etc., range varies from R400 - R2000. - Jun 2018

There are good gyms -- Virgin Active is the most popular chain, and the Community Center has a free gym space to embassy employees. - Jan 2018

Yes. Excellent gyms -- most more spacious than the gyms in metro areas of the US. I pay about $50/month for a gym with a huge selection of cardio equipment, free weights, and 2 pools. - Jun 2012

Yes, very many, very well equipped, a bit cheaper than in the US. - Dec 2009

Yes, there are several top-notch gyms. And there are also at least two nature reserves within the city where you can hike or mountain bike any day of the week - and it is safe. - Aug 2009

There is a Virgin Active Gym that is frequented by Embassy folks. - Feb 2009

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