What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

I don't know for sure but I think there are several options, including AISJ and NAIS. One would need to ask very specific questions to get the appropriate information. - Jan 2020

My elementary school children do have special needs and I know from first-hand experience that they are in a phenomenal place. The school administrators have been very creative and intuitive and worked with me to put together a support system and program that is better than anything I could get in the States. If you have special needs elementary age children, I would highly recommend you look into the Pretoria branch of AISJ; coming here was one of the best choices we made for our children. I do not have any information on special needs accommodations for older children at the main AISJ campus or the other international schools in Pretoria. There are also several schools and resources for more severe special needs. I've found the knowledge and expertise of therapists to be as good as in the States in most cases. - Aug 2009

I know that there are special needs kids in the Embassy community but I cannot comment on the quality of education they receive. There are enough Afrikaaners with special needs kids here that I am sure there are teachers and tutors qualified to teach. - Feb 2009

They try to with some success. But do not expect a great deal and be prepared to fill in yourself. - Oct 2008

Don't know, but there are many Embassy kids with special needs, so they are accomodated in some way. - Sep 2008

Neither school is good for special needs kids. - Jun 2008

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