Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Not really. We did have some kind of critter living in our roof/trees - maybe a bush baby? Its not buggy here. - Jan 2020

Ants, mosquitoes, (flying) termites, and flies are common depending on the season. South Africans do not believe in having or using screens to keep bugs out. The weather is usually nice enough to open windows, but there is the high likelihood is insects getting inside. - Dec 2019

Minor issues with ants. Very few mosquitoes (the country has nearly eradicated malaria). There are a lot of beautiful insects here — colorful grasshoppers, praying mantises, etc. - Mar 2019

No. - Jun 2018

There are bugs here but none I would consider a problem. There are many flies that are persistent on landing on your head just like in the States. I hear about ants that show up after it rains but have yet to experience that for myself. And malaria is an issue when you travel to lower elevations but there is medication to prevent that problem. - Oct 2014

There are hardly any issues with insects, other than ants that come after the rains in the summer. - Jun 2012

Some flies, nothing much else. - Dec 2009

Insects? I've been wondering where they are hiding. The houses don't have screens and now I know why - you can leave your windows open all day and you won't have any unwanted visitors. That being said, there is a slight increase in flies and bees in the warmest month. Our house also has its share of grasshoppers, but considering the large yard and abundance of fauna surrounding us, the insects are minimal. - Aug 2009

Pretoria is free of malaria. Travelers to certain parts of Kwazulu Natal (where Kruger National Park is located) should take anti-malarials. - Feb 2009

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