What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

See above - pretty nice year round. Rainy summers. - Jan 2020

Wonderful. The extremes range from 100 above in summer (December/January) to 30 in June/July. It's mostly dry and at about 4,500' elevation, there is usually enough cooling or warming that those extreme days still are comfortable. - Dec 2019

Pretoria is ‘pleasant’ — it gets below freezing a few times a year, and can be warm in the summer, but it's never humid. Pretoria itself is at an elevation of about 4500’. There is snow occasionally in the country's high peaks, but not in town. - Mar 2019

The summer is hot from September to January and then it gets progressively cooler until July when you need coats and boots. - Jun 2018

The climate is delightful. But winters (July and August) are genuinely cold especially as houses are not insulated and do not have central heating. - Jan 2018

Seasons are reverse compared to the U.S. It gets cool during the winter evenings/mornings but very nice during the daytime and the summer days are very comfortable without the humidity. The only hot you will feel is from the sun shining on your skin, the sun is stronger due to the elevation. Another plus is there is very little rain (so far) which means there are always outside activities to enjoy. The downside to a lack of rain is the dust in the air. Not so much dust that you can see it in the air, just dust that shows up on the surface of everything, inside and outside of your house. - Oct 2014

They say South Africa has the best weather in the world. Seasons are opposite those in the US with winter from June-August, Spring in September, summer from October-April, and Autumn in May. Winters are mild with highs of 65-70 F. degrees during the day and lows of 35-45 F. at night. Summers are great -- no humidity, highs of 80 F., and lows of 65-70 at night. It only rains here for a few minutes a day in the summer. Winter is the dry season and we have blue sunny skies every day. - Jun 2012

Perfect weather, dry, almost always t-shirt weather. Winters require a sweater. - Dec 2009

I doubt there are many places in the world that could beat Pretoria's weather. It's supposed to have the best weather in South Africa and it's certainly the best among anywhere I've ever lived/traveled. Almost year-round sunny days with afternoon temps in the 60s-80s. Summers can get hot, but with low humidity, it doesn't feel so bad. Winter mornings and evenings are chilly but we've rarely needed more than an extra sweater and scarf. The winters are VERY dry and you'll want a good moisturizer and lip balm. - Aug 2009

The weather here is great!Winter is typically April through mid-October with the weather being dry and cooler (mid 40's at night is the coldest it ever seems to get with daytime highs in the 60's and 70's). Summer is the wet season with sometimes torrential rains in the afternoons but usually very beautiful blue skies and good, warm weather during the day and even warm at night (daytime highs in the 80's and 90's). - Feb 2009

Easy - cool winters, warm summers, mostly blue skies. - Oct 2008

Winter is cool and dry. Summer is a bit rainy and warm. However, when it is in the high 80s (F) it never feels that hot. - Sep 2008

Summers (November-February) are nice with thunderstorms. Winters (June-August) are generally sunny and cool. Other times thunderstorms and warm. Temperature never gets too hot or too cold. - Jun 2008

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