Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Surprisingly, no it is not a shopping post. There are some arts and crafts around but not a vast or particularly impressive selection at all. You can, however, buy the most amazing camping and outdoor gear here. Clothes, shoes, furniture, housewares are all easily available and good quality/selection. If you are looking for art and stuff...not so much. - Jan 2020

Most of the stuff isn't interesting or especially unique to SA. People do buy a lot of wine and gin before departing. - Dec 2019

Beaded animals and other local crafts. Wine. - Mar 2019

No, not really. It's not like other Africa where there are handicrafts to buy. It is mostly shopping malls with chain stores. - Jun 2018

Lots of handicrafts here. There is also a twice-yearly market called Kamers which features stuff a bit nicer than the usual street goods. Between Pretoria and Joburg there are several weekend markets that you can easily research online. - Jan 2018

Crafts, art, world-class safari lodges. - Jun 2012

Lots of trinkets from all over Africa at the Rosebank mall. - Dec 2009

Lots of 'African' crafts - some are from South Africa, others are imported from other African countries. - Aug 2009

Springbok carpaccio and ostrich fillet, Ndebele dolls and beadwork, wood or metal giraffes. Males:a two-toned button down shirt you see the Afrikaners wearing or a Madiba shirt. - Feb 2009

Art. Very lively contemprary art scene. Buy quality crafts from serious dealers as there are many many fakes made who knows where at local markets. - Oct 2008

African crafts of all kinds. - Sep 2008

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