Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Yes, very good, very inexpensive. Pets also help with feeling safer at home. - Dec 2009

Great vets and kennels. Many, many people have dogs; cats are not as common but they are certainly around. South Africans are proud of their connection with animals and nature, and this not only reflects in their safari and tourism industry, but in their love of pets, too. - Aug 2009

There are vets and kennels here. Some people prefer to ship their own dog food though. - Feb 2009

Pet care is top quality. - Oct 2008

Vets are everywhere and you can always find one that is open 24/7. Kennels are generally good. Most Embassy people use Menlyn Kennels and Cattery. - Sep 2008

Very good pet care and plenty of kennels. - Jun 2008

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