Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical and dental care is excellent. This is a regional med-evac point. Lots of babies born here. - Jan 2020

Excellent care is available locally. There is an overreliance of antibiotics. It is a regional medevac destination. Tap water is potable and fine. - Dec 2019

Private hospitals are very good. I would happily have surgery here. - Mar 2019

Local doctors are awesome but it will cost you R400 just for the visit. Netcare hospitals are excellent. SA is the evacuation point for the rest of Africa. There is also the embassy health unit. - Jun 2018

No health concerns. No malaria. Medical care is extremely high quality and very affordable. - Jan 2018

Not many. SA has the best health care on the continent, too. - Jun 2012

Health care is very good, very inexpensive. AIDS affects at least 25% of the population, so it's a very big problem. Unprotected sex is out of the question. - Dec 2009

Medical care is outstanding here. I have had better care here in some cases than in the States. We have used several local doctors as well as the emergency room services of our local hospital for weekend pediatric concerns and they are quick, efficient and affordable. Dental and orthodontic work is much cheaper, and this IS the place to come (so they say!) for plastic surgery. - Aug 2009

The quality of medical care is much better than in the States. I had surgery here and the doctors gave you quality time and are genuinely concerned. The hospitals are good and the staff is also professional. The price tag for anything medical is much cheaper than the States as well. - Feb 2009

None. Health care is first rate. - Oct 2008

HIV/AIDS is a risk for the promiscuous. TB is common. Medical care is very good, generally. Dentists and orthodontists are excellent and far less expensive than in the U.S. ERs are also good and inexpensive. - Sep 2008

Very good health care here. - Jun 2008

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