What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

At work, slightly less formal than DC. Away from work - whatever. Depends where you are, and all of the "safari" wear is available here. It is a pretty casual society. - Jan 2020

Business, slightly casual. - Dec 2019

Many people dress up fashionably but many don’t. - Mar 2019

Professional. - Jun 2018

Business casual/formal at work (depending on occasion and season). Dress in public is what you'd find in the USA. Formal dress is useful if your work involves representational events in the evening. - Jan 2018

Short sleeves and khakis in the summer, a bit more formal in the winter. - Jun 2012

Semi-formal at work, relaxed in public. - Dec 2009

Fairly casual. Local men commonly wear shorts (very short sometimes!) and sandals. Women tend to put a bit more effort into their looks. - Aug 2009

Same as a big city in the U.S. Men and women wear suits to work. In non-work settings, it is very casual and similar to dress in the States. - Feb 2009

Like U.S. - Oct 2008

Normal U.S. dress code in the Embassy. Pretoria is about as formal as DC. - Sep 2008

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