What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Braais, restaurant meet-ups, weekend trips with friends, hiking excursions right in/near town, movie nights, the community center. Endless, really. - Jan 2020

Find an activity, church, or hobby and you'll find some locals. Go outside and talk to your neighbors. - Dec 2019

Due to safety concerns, there is not a big culture of going out at night. South Africa loves shopping malls, and a lot of people end up there socially, because they’re safe. - Mar 2019

So much to do -- restaurants, etc. - Jun 2012

Lots of braais (barbecues), going out for dinner, movies, mall-related activities, some bars. For good nightlife, people go to Johannesburg or Cape Town for the weekend. - Dec 2009

The main activity are backyard bbq's (called braiis).With young kids, we have lots of social events revolving around birthday parties, swimming invitations, etc. This is also a great place for adults to socialize over a game of golf, tennis, or anything sports-related. - Aug 2009

There are ample chances to attend a braai. People go out to restaurants, entertain at home, go to the movies. There are many similarities with life in the States. - Feb 2009

Endless opportunities. - Oct 2008

It is hard to meet South Africans, as mentioned above. Embassy people tend to socialize with each other. We have made a few friends outside of the embassy, but it has been because of our initiative to make it happen. - Sep 2008

Plenty. - Jun 2008

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