Morale among expats:

OK. It's a great place to live, but sometimes the work could be dull and cause morale to be low, depending on what agency you are with and which sector you work in. If you are interested in HIV/AIDs work, its the place to be. If you are interested in other development or political issues, not much going on and this isn't a priority for the US. However, it is a regional hub and if your agency/supervisor is not retired in place. it makes the work fulfilling and morale is better. - Jun 2012

Medium to low. - Dec 2009

It really depends. Our circle of friends are extremely positive and we know we've found a gem of a place to be posted. Others, though, are scared off by threat of crime. - Aug 2009

A lot of people in the Embassy are discouraged by the crime and so some can't wait to leave. Others try to enjoy their time here and take advantage of the travel opportunities and so morale among those people is higher. - Feb 2009

Poor due to crime and fear of crime. - Oct 2008

Among the embassy families, morale is not good. The crime situation makes most everyone feel like prisoners in their own houses. You generally don't meet your neighbors because of high walls and gates. The Embassy is a top down organization with the current crew. Heads of sections are treated very well, staff level personnel and FSNs are not. This may change, but the reality for now is to be prepared for some rough going if you come here. - Sep 2008

Ok, I guess. Worries about crime. - Jun 2008

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