What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Extremely large. Morale is okay in general (poor to awful at work but that's another issue) and the crime situation is a real drag for everyone. This is compensated for by the amazing variety of travel opportunities, great weather, superb wine and food, and overall recreational activities, all of which come at a great value due to the exchange rate. - Jan 2020

Large, very large. Morale is good. People are generally very happy here. It's large enough city, country, and community that people can find their niche. That being said, getting settled and finding your niche can be difficult. You're pretty much on your own. - Dec 2019

Very large group here (between all the embassies and NGOs). People seem to be pretty happy. - Mar 2019

Pretoria is a big expat community, but also a big Afrikaans community. I think most diplomats recognize they live in a pretty quiet dormitory compared to Joburg and Cape Town. Morale is decent, because life here is easy and pleasant. - Jan 2018

Not sure of size because it is spread throughout the city. As for morale, there is not a community feel here since there is much to do. The housing areas are all U.S. personnel but each one kind of does his or her own thing, much like it is in the States. So it is what you make it. The Embassy does offer events and outings to give you a chance to gather and enjoy life together. - Oct 2014

Large but not cohesive. - Jun 2012

Large, lots of diplomatic missions. - Dec 2009

Large; South Africa is a huge hub for all of Africa for many embassies, so there are lots of diplomats here. Plus, there are many NGOs working on AIDS and other regional issues. - Aug 2009

Huge. There are loads of embassies, NGOs, and others associated with business. - Feb 2009

Vast. - Oct 2008

Large. Pretoria has many, many embassies. - Sep 2008

Large. - Jun 2008

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