How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

English is fine. - Jan 2020

English is more than enough. At stores and around the neighborhood/town, I get spoken to in Afrikaans. It's nice to know a little bit but not necessary. I haven't look into classes for any of the local languages. - Dec 2019

Nearly everyone speaks English. I took a course in Zulu, but in the end English is used universally. Afrikaans is still used heavily especially in the rural / agricultural white areas, but it is not a growing language and you would be unlikely to need it. - Mar 2019

Everyone speaks English, but if you have Afrikaner friends do not expect them to do so when you are with them. I gave up going to parties that I was invited to because others would slip into Afrikaans, and I did not feel respected as an English-speaking person. - Jun 2018

English is fine. You can learn a bit of Zulu, and then you'll find yourself with someone who speaks one of South Africa's ten other local languages. - Jan 2018

None, English is widely used but not all English is the same. You will find it fun to discover the differences. - Oct 2014

None. English is spoken by all. - Jun 2012

Not much, everybody speaks English. - Dec 2009

There are too many local languages to count, but luckily English is one of them and I've yet to meet anyone here that doesn't speak enough of it to at least communicate. Most domestic workers can speak about 4-6 languages; it's pretty impressive actually. I've tried several times to learn one of the many 'black' languages and it's nearly impossible to find classes with enough enrollment. I always thought it would be useful and interesting from a cultural perspective, but not, it's not at all necessary. - Aug 2009

None, English is spoken everywhere. It is nice to pick up some of the local language though as it is appreciated. - Feb 2009

None. - Oct 2008

None, but knowing the basics in Afrikaans, Zulu, and/or tswana is appreciated. - Sep 2008

None. - Jun 2008

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