Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

You may need a letter form the Embassy stating residency to get a local SIM card - or you may not. You have to ask for this letter prior to arrival if you want to get a phone set up within a few days of arrival. It seems like something that should be easier, but seems to be usually require visiting a few offices to get it complete. is very expensive compared to the US. - Jan 2020

Local provider is necessary. Data is expensive. - Dec 2019

Service is cheap and reliable on any of the major carriers (I use Vodacom). Bring an unlocked phone and buy a SIM card here. - Mar 2019

If you don't have a local bank account and a job you cannot get a plan. However, for pay-as-you-go you still need a contract which means you need a letter of residence and a passport. Vodacom is the main carrier but their website never works for me and the staff do not seem helpful. - Jun 2018

I use the embassy-provided Blackberry. Smart phones and so forth are everywhere here -- you can set this up on arrival. - Jan 2018

Work usually will provides one for the government employee. As for spouses, you can get a prepaid sim card for your phone or get a prepaid phone plan here. It cost less than the States but the plans are different, not all inclusive like in the U.S. Wi-Fi is available here but not the same as in the States - you usually need to pay for the data that you use from a "free" Wi-Fi location. This is accomplished with an add-on to your cell phone plan to cover your data usage over wi-fi. - Oct 2014

You need one. They are readily available here. - Jun 2012

Cheap options, prepaid or with a plan. - Dec 2009

Everyone has a cell phone here and it is essential for safety. Most employees get their dependents pre-paid cell phones which run anywhere from US$20 on up. Embassy employees are issued cell phones. - Feb 2009

Easy to arrange on your first day in town. - Oct 2008

It is a different system than the US. Embassy personnel get an Embassy cell phone, anyway. - Sep 2008

Vodacom is the most popular. You also have others to choose from. - Jun 2008

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