Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

No. The Gautrain is fine but local and regional trains and taxi buses are not. Uber generally works well but there have been problems. - Jan 2020

People use Uber for local transportation. Gautrain goes into the airport and Sandton. There is not a convenient station in Pretoria. You'd still need Uber, motor pool, or to park the car at the station and drive home/work thereby reducing the time savings. Buses and 'taxis' should be avoided. - Dec 2019

The Gautrain is a new (2012) high-speed train between Joburg, Pretoria, and the airport, which is fast, cheap, and safe. It doesn’t have very many stops, but is great if you’re going the right place. There is also an older Metro rail system, which is cheaper but very slow (2 hours to Johannesburg, vs. 30 minutes on the Gautrain), and expats don't usually use it. Traditional taxis are rare. In many cases you have to give them 24 hours notice, and even then, they’re liable to not show up. Uber came to Pretoria / Johannesburg in 2015 and was sorely needed. - Mar 2019

No. Only Uber. - Jun 2018

I use Gautrain between Pretoria and Joburg and the airport and it's great. But I don't use it at night. Buses, trams, trains and taxis are not a safe option. Some people use Uber regularly, but Uber drivers soemtimes face attacks by meter taxi drivers! There are trains between Pretoria/Joburg and Cape Town if you're looking for adventure. We did this 24 hour journey and it was a great experience. - Jan 2018

The train is said to be safe and affordable. Buses and taxis are not to be used. In fact, taxis are dangerous and a threat to all who live in this country. Always keep your eye scanning for the crazy taxis - you will hear them coming - honk, honk, honk, all the time. - Oct 2014

Available, but they say they are not too safe. Taxis aren't readily available but there are 1 or 2 companies that you can call. Unfortunately they take 45 min to an hour to come. There is a new high-speed train called the "Gautrain" that connects Pretoria to Jo-burg and the airport. This is safe, inexpensive, and fast. - Jun 2012

Not safe. - Dec 2009

Not safe. - Aug 2009

The Gautrain is not safe and the local taxis (mini buses) are not safe either. There are very few private taxis in Pretoria and if you call, they may come in an hour or not at all. - Feb 2009

No, no safe at all. It is a car culture. - Oct 2008

Don't know if they are affordable, but expect they are cheap. However, they are not safe. RSO recommends never taking them, except for a few taxi companies that they will recommend. - Sep 2008

Most expats don't take them, but I believe the local buses and mini-buses are quite safe and affordable. The Pretoria/Joburg train is very cheap, but not safe. - Jun 2008

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