How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

The exchange rate is approximately 40% more advantageous for the USD than purchasing power parity so costs are not high at all. Availability is great - everything you need is here as are some treats you didn't know you needed. Gluten free and other specialty products are available in the major cities. - Jan 2020

Nearly everything you need is here. Groceries for most items are cheaper than the US, especially meat and wine. Some items are more expensive such as tortilla chips, tortillas, pasta sauce, refried beans, laundry detergent--so we make our own or get through the pouch. Compared to our other posts the availability of food and supplies is so wonderful and amazing. Quality of produce is generally high, but the packaging is very plastic-intensive. Produce is almost always packaged in plastic. - Dec 2019

Groceries are slightly less expensive than in the US. Woolworths is a fantastic SA-run grocery + home chain which is omnipresent, and has a great abundance of high-quality and interesting fresh foods — think of a combo Trader Joe’s + Whole Foods. We do use pouch mail a lot because US-imported goods (toys, electronics, books) can be expensive. However, nearly everything you want, you can get easily on the local economy here. - Mar 2019

Everything is available, but it is massively expensive even with the exchange rate. - Jun 2018

It's wonderfully cheap. The cost of our monthly grocery bill is an abiding relief to me as breadwinner. I noticed this when I spent 5 days TDY in Washington, and had constant sticker shock when I bought groceries. Local products are of high quality, particularly SA wines. Produce is fresh and seasonal, meat is delicious and totally unlike the bland stuff in the USA, and there is vibrant foodie scene. You can buy pretty much anything here. Imported U.S. goods are a bit expensive, so we use Target and Amazon for any minor gaps, like brownie mixes or stuff my kids crave. - Jan 2018

Groceries vary in price with many things cheaper than in the States but then there are other items that are more expensive. As for availability, you can find most things here but there are some items that you will find it cheaper to order online. - Oct 2014

Nice grocery stores stocked with everything are located in all neighborhoods. Groceries seem to be a bit cheaper than in the US if you buy South African goods. American brands are available and are a bit more expensive, but not outrageous. - Jun 2012

Everything is pretty much available with the exception of a few things like Mexican food. - Dec 2009

There are many fruit and vegetable markets around town that I use and find great produce at great prices. Grocery stores are modern and the prices are less than what you'd pay in the States. There are a few 'super' stores that sell a bit of everything (like our WalMarts). - Aug 2009

You can get most things here that are similar to items for sale in the States, but there are no Cheerios! All kinds of meat (chicken, lamb, beef, pork, ostrich) and especially fruits and veg are available and cheaper than the States. Prices are per kilo, so sometimes people don't realize that they are paying less--for example, US$8 for 2.2 pounds of lamb! Laundry soap is a bit harsh on the clothes. Cleaning products are generally good but bring your own ziploc bags and plastic wrap. There is an adequate supply of shampoos, soaps, toothpaste for sale. Pick N Pay is cheaper than Woolworths, but Woolworths carries a lot of good quality pre-packaged appetizers, pasta salads, and ready made meats and meals that are still cheaper than the States. - Feb 2009

Everything you can imagine is avalaible. - Oct 2008

Groceries are cheaper here. Lamb and beef are excellent and 1/3 the cost of DC.Most all you need are available, though imported good are more expensive. The Monument Park Spar (grocery store) has the best selection of US items in Pretoria. - Sep 2008

Everything is available here. Local items are cheaper than the U.S. Imported things are expensive. - Jun 2008

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