Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

There might be some frustrations but in general it appears limited mobility access is factored in to most buildings, parking lots, etc. I am not sure about how life here might be with other types of disabilities. - Jan 2020

Some, but the city/country make a lot of effort to have accessibility for disabled. - Dec 2019

Pretoria is probably better than most cities, although not up to US standards. - Mar 2019

I have no experience but have never noticed ramps or any other disability available actions around the city - Jun 2018

It would be challenging to live here with physical disabilities but not completely impossible. There are handicap parking spaces, handicap accessibility at most malls and some stores, and even elevators at some places. The issue would require learning where one with limits would have to go to accomplish the things that life requires. As for taking advantage of safaris and other great things to do here, most of them are not yet handicap friendly. - Oct 2014

I've noticed many public buildings and restaurants have handicap access. All of the malls are accessable. - Jun 2012

Since everything is a drive away, it would depend on your transport. The big malls have handicap access. - Dec 2009

There are wheel chair ramps and elevators in most malls and bigger hotels but there are often spotty sidewalks. You do see disabled people in wheelchairs but they likely only go places where they know are facilities. Some hotels have disabled friendly rooms, especially in Cape Town. - Feb 2009

Yes. - Oct 2008

Pretoria definitely is not ADA compliant. It would be very difficult to get around as a disabled person. It is worse in the countryside. - Sep 2008

Imagine USA in the 1950s. - Jun 2008

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