Is it easy to make friends with locals here? Are there any prejudices or any ethnic groups who might feel uncomfortable here?

This is another hard part of SA. While people are often fairly friendly, for many reasons, people are also extremely skeptical of foreigners/outsiders. Without language as a barrier it should be much easier to make local friends but it is not. Hospitality is not part of the culture here, as far as we can tell. Like many people I came here on vacation prior to my assignment and very much enjoyed fabulous safaris and winery visits; those industries have worked to build basic customer service and hospitality components, but in daily life you do not live in that world. Prejudice runs rampant and people of color experience it daily. - Jan 2020

The locals are friendly and welcoming. Due to the high income disparity, many of the embassy neighborhoods are not very diverse. It is changing, but slowly. I do not see many inter-racial families here, but there is several interracial expats families here. It may or may not be an issue. - Dec 2019

People are friendly and I knew many people socially from my work on the local economy. - Mar 2019

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