Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

With good security awareness, this place is ideal for families and couples, but unfortunately I think that is a little more challenging for single people. No nightlife at all. - Jan 2020

It's very family-friendly, but seems to be good for singles and amazing for couples. There are so many places to go. For singles, there is a large expat community (diplomatic and professional) and a large numbers of professional locals from a similar culture to the US. - Dec 2019

Good for families. For singles, it's hard to go out at night because of safety concerns. - Mar 2019

Families do well here. I think singles are often bored. - Jan 2018

This place has everything you need to make life happen. Stores do close earlier than in the States so this does require everyone to make adjustments but again I think everyone can make this place a good city to live in. - Oct 2014

Good for families. Probably hard for singles. Although there is a lot to do, everything closes early and there doesn't seem like there is much of a singles scene here. - Jun 2012

Better for families than singles. Much of life happens inside the home or at the mall. There are some clubs, but nothing great. For the good nightlife people go to Johannesburg. A lot more variety there, and people tend to be more friendly. The drive is a pain though, and dangerous at night because of all the drunk drivers. - Dec 2009

Singles may have the hardest time of any group here, particularly single women, because of the security concerns. This has been a paradise for our family with young children - there is so much to do with the kids and the weather makes it easy to be outside all day. - Aug 2009

Pretoria is really quite small with only a handful of good restaurants and some dance clubs/bars for singles or couples. If you are looking for entertainment and good restaurants, go to Johannesburg. South Africa offers a lot of travel opportunities (hiking, camping, safari, city touring) that make up for city life in Pretoria. - Feb 2009

Good for families though middle school. Rough for high schoolers. - Oct 2008

Singles prefer Johannesburg; it has more nightlife. Pretoria is a quiet city with some good restaurants. Family living is made tough because of the security concerns. Kids just can't walk down the street to play with their friends. If they have no activities after school, they are generally stuck at home. - Sep 2008

For older kids it can be tough as there is always a lot of coordination involved for play dates etc., otherwise, good for families. Good for singles/couples. - Jun 2008

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