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What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

If you eat out all restaurants are required to ask you if you have any allergies. I would say it’s very safe. - Jan 2024

Restaurants are all very good about asking if there are any dietary requirements and will generally work to accommodate them. - Nov 2022

Avoid the parks and you'll be fine. - May 2022

You should be able to find products that will help you avoid any chemicals or foods you can't have contact with. - Jun 2017

Expect all the seasonal allergies to exist here. Restaurants are very cognizant of food allergies and bend over backwards to account for food allergies. - Feb 2017

Gardens and flowers = allergies. - Feb 2016

Restaurants are very good about listing ingredients and warning allergy sufferers (I think there may be laws about this). I don't know about seasonal allergies, since I came in autumn when I don't really have them. We'll see what happens in spring. - Nov 2015

It's not seasonal, it's all year round due to the mild climate. I've embraced nasal sprays. - Jun 2015

Lots of black mold. Allergies and asthma seems to cause difficulties here. - May 2015


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