London - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

There is so much to see and do. Plan your time accordingly, we won't make it to everything we wanted to see before we have to leave. - Aug 2022

Simply put, central London is not built for or catering to young kids. I think we would have had a very different tour living outside of the Westminster/Kensington area. - May 2022

I knew it would be expensive, but it has surprised me just how tight our budget is at times. - Jun 2017

Brits can be extremely passive aggressive, and are uncomfortable with conflict and talking to strangers. However, they are really fun and friendly once you break through the cultural differences. Don't try to special order anything at a restaurant, they don't understand the concept of customization. Customer service can be extremely frustrating to deal with, as it is very friendly but ineffective. - Feb 2017

I knew it was expensive, but I couldn't imagine it. - Feb 2016

I feel like I was pretty well-informed. - Nov 2015

I wish I had known how popular I would become by having a spare bedroom in London. My friends and family treated it like a hotel room! - Aug 2015

Just how truly expensive everything would be. - Jun 2015

That bringing our car really was pointless. - Jun 2015

That childcare was so expensive that it makes EFM work nearly impossible. - May 2015


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