London - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Keep your car and house locked at all times. Windows closed. Many break-ins. We had a man jump our fence and come in our back door while we were home and getting ready for work. Luckily our 130 lb dog saw him and chased him out. Keep your car keys in a faraday box because people will come by and try to clone it. Skimming your credit card is rampant here also. Never use a cc insert at an ATM or gas pump before testing it first. - Jan 2024

Nothing beyond normal concerns in large city. I generally felt very safe, but tried to be smart in crowded places. - Nov 2022

Just the usual, be aware of your surroundings. Sadly, being assaulted is quite common. - Aug 2022

None. - May 2022

London has had three terrorist attacks so far in 2017, and then there was the one in Manchester. The probability that any one individual will be caught up in a terrorist attack is still extremely low, but people are on edge. Some schools have canceled school trips to central London, or parents have decided not to let their children participate. But life goes on, tourists are still here, London is still amazing, and it doesn't affect us much overall. - Jun 2017

I've never felt safer than in the time I've spent in London. It's a big city with lots of tourists, so you'll want to be smart about keeping an eye on your valuables, but I've never experienced a moment when I was concerned for my safety, even very late at night. - Feb 2017

The usual issues in a large city. - Feb 2016

Everyone's a little more on edge since the Paris attacks, but honestly, I feel very safe here. It's a big city, so don't be stupid or careless with your valuables, and I'm sure there are some parts of town that you wouldn't want to go to after dark, but those concerns are typical of any big city. People are very friendly and helpful here. - Nov 2015

There were some honestly insane protests ("USA watch your back / mujahadeen are coming back", "Free all Muslims from US prisons", a "hunger strike" that lasted 80+ days with all participants plump- Brits remember very well that Bobby Sands died after 66 days back in the 1980s). Aside from some of the protester lunacy, I never felt the least bit unsafe. - Aug 2015

Nothing out of the ordinary for a large city. Know your surroundings and use common sense. - Jun 2015

It's a big city, so keep an eye on your belongings. We have two friends who experienced break-ins on the ground floor. - Jun 2015

Typical concerns of living in a large city. Be self-aware and avoid dodgy areas and you'll be fine. I feel very safe here. - May 2015

None that I was aware. - Aug 2014

No. - Sep 2012

Pick-pocketing is the main thing you have to worry about. As long as you are smart about zipping up your purse and keeping items in your front pocket, you'll be fine. We have the normal threats that D.C. has. - Jan 2012

About the same in the US for terrorism. Pickpockets abound in the heavily trafficked tourist areas. - Aug 2011

None, it's one of the safest cities I've ever been in. Just stay out of Peckham after dark and you'll be fine. - Nov 2009

None. Just practice general safety awareness. Don't act or behave like a tourist, and you'll be fine. - Mar 2009

Not more than you would expect from a major city. - Sep 2008

My office building was right next to the first train station to be hit on the attacks in 7/7/2005. The U.K. and U.S. face similar terror threats but they don't impact everyday living. There is a LOT of petty crime in London: muggings, pickpockets, car break-ins, etc. Teenagers are usually the culprits, so be street smart. - Feb 2008

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