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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Available and reliable. We had it installed within a couple of days. - Jan 2024

Yes. We had ours installed within the first few days in our housing. We used BT, and it was fine for all of our internet and streaming needs, and there are other options available as well. - Nov 2022

Yes, it takes awhile to get set up. I think it was at least a month. - Aug 2022

I heard that some folks have it. I have ADSL at 60 Mbps for about $40 USD/month. It took about a month to be installed. - May 2022

Yes, it is available and good. We had to wait a month for BT to send an engineer out to hook up our house for broadband, but since all the companies use the same engineers, going with another provider wouldn't have helped. - Jun 2017

Yes, and much cheaper than the states, we pay about $120 a month for cable, internet, and two mobile phones with 20GB of data each month. However, dealing with UK internet/phone providers is a nightmare. You must have a UK bank account before you can start the process, and expect to provide a sizable downpayment for service. If you establish your bank account on your first day at the Embassy, you should have internet within a month of arrival. - Feb 2017

Yes. - Feb 2016

Yes, not sure because it's wrapped up in my rent. - Nov 2015

Yes, and reasonably cheap. Brits use DSL, which is everywhere, and fiber, which isn't. I might have payed 60 GBP a month for 30 mbps? I might not have that right. - Aug 2015

High-speed is available, however it took about 2 months for our internet to get setup, and not because there were any issues - that was just the first date available for a tech to come install the internet. I think cost was about US$50/month. We had Sky cable and internet. - Jun 2015

Yes, but it's not cheap with the exchange rate. We pay £70 per month for our internet/cable/phone bundle through Sky. Not a lot of competition in the market. So installation takes weeks for an appointment, and you're charged for technician visits unless you have their extra maintenance package. - Jun 2015

Available and expensive. - May 2015

Yes, about 40£ a month. - Aug 2014

Yes. It is a good idea to shop around a bit and find what is best for you. - Sep 2012

You can get packages for high-speed internet from many companies. Do your research first so you get the best deal. Some packages only allow you a certain amount of usage before you get charged more. We have the unlimited package. With internet and satelite TV we pay around US$150 a month. - Jan 2012

Yes. About 2x as much as in the States, maybe? - Aug 2011

Yes, about the same as US prices. Some limit your weekly bandwidth, though, so be careful of that. - Nov 2009

Lots of choices, yet again. Sky, Virgin, BT. Price varies. - Mar 2009

Yes about US$50 a month. - Sep 2008

It is available everywhere. It costs about $40/month. - Feb 2008

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