London - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes! Just know that you will not save any money and probably go into debt but totally worth it. - Jan 2024

Absolutely!! - Nov 2022

In a heartbeat. I would stay a few more years if I could. - Aug 2022

In my opinion, with older kids and a more savvy housing survey, yeah. - May 2022

Absolutely! - Jun 2017

In a heartbeat, I'd stay here forever if given the opportunity. - Feb 2017

Absolutely! London is a fascinating, world-class city. - Feb 2016

Yes, though only if I have a well-paying job. - Nov 2015

Absolutely. - Aug 2015

Absolutely. It's incredibly expensive, and the embassy community is so large and spread out that it can feel impersonal at times, but London is an amazing city. You're never bored, we found the locals to be generally really wonderful, and I can't say enough about how beautiful the rest of the UK is. - Jun 2015

Absolutely! - Jun 2015

Yes but not when expecting or while having small children, particularly if you're an EFM and want to work. - May 2015

Yes. - Aug 2014

Yes. Other than the weather, I wish I was still there. - Sep 2012

Yes. I do wish we could come when my kids are older because they'd appreciate all the history around them. - Jan 2012

Absolutely. - Aug 2011

Definitely! I miss it all the time. I'm more homesick for London now than I was for the US when I was there. - Nov 2009

No. As a visitor, yes. To work, no. - Mar 2009

Maybe. - Sep 2008

Yes... especially if someone else was paying for housing. - Feb 2008

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