London - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

You can find everything here. Don’t forget to renew your Costco membership before coming because there are several and it’s difficult to get a membership here but your US card can be used. - Jan 2024

None; most things are readily available, and if they can't be found locally, pretty much anything you might need is available through Amazon US (DPO) or Amazon UK. - Nov 2022

None - Aug 2022

None. - May 2022

Nothing, it's all available here, somewhere. - Jun 2017

We shipped a Costco package of toilet paper, paper towel, dish soap, and trash bags and were glad we did so. These items are cheap in London, but much smaller than the US versions. Random grains can be expensive, because the portion sizes of everything is smaller in the UK (think popcorn, quinoa), but refrigerator and pantries are also smaller, so it's impractical to shop in bulk. - Feb 2017

None - Feb 2016

More shoes and clothes. Everything here is so expensive! - Nov 2015

I'm a single guy and had always lived in other peoples' furnished houses. Thank god I bought most of my kitchen supplies and consumables in the U.S. Bring whatever you can. London prices are probably 30% higher than DC prices. - Aug 2015

The only things I would have shipped are foods that I love that just weren't available (e.g. turkey bacon, chicken sausage), but that would not have been possible, so in general, we wouldn't have shipped anything else. It was pretty easy to get whatever we needed either on the local economy or through Amazon UK or US. Also, there was almost no storage space in our flat, and we found that most of our friends had similar issues, so in the end we kind of wished we had brought even less than we did. - Jun 2015

Even though we're in a huge shopping city, we still get a lot of our items from Amazon as it's so much cheaper...particularly clothing. - Jun 2015

You can get everything you need here. Though if you know you'll have the space, stock up on lots of household items to save money (toilet paper, paper towels, etc). Pickles! I can't find a decent dill pickle here. - May 2015

You can find anything here, except Keurig cups. - Aug 2014

Remember that everything is more expensive here. Yes, you can find anything you are looking for but at a price. I'd ship lots of facial and body lotions. You skin will dry out like crazy here. Bring a good pair or two of rainboots and several jackets for varying temperatures. - Jan 2012

Chocolate chips. - Aug 2011

Nothing, you can get it all here. - Nov 2009

I would actually bring LESS stuff. - Mar 2009

Everything is available but it's twice as much. - Sep 2008

Favorite American snack foods, new clothes and shoes(very expensive in the UK). - Feb 2008

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