London - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO or Royal Mail. - Jan 2024

DPO mostly, but local mail was also reliable when needed. - Nov 2022

DPO but the local Amazon and post is great - Aug 2022

DPO/Pouch for US mail. Local mail services are top notch although arranging a package return is a bit more difficult then the US. - May 2022

Royal Mail is perfectly fine. Post offices here are often located in shops. - Jun 2017

DPO is extremely fast, and even the pouch takes less than two weeks. I've ordered items off Amazon US that have arrived within three days. Royal Mail is very dependable, but the UK does this weird thing where they sometimes deliver your packages to your neighbor for safekeeping. - Feb 2017

DPO - Feb 2016

I have a box on the ground floor of my complex where I receive mail. - Nov 2015

The Embassy's DPO. I spent a lot of money on Amazon dodging the British mark ups. If you have an Amazon Prime account, your packages will arrive a week after you order them. - Aug 2015

DPO. - Jun 2015

DPO at the Embassy. - Jun 2015

There is a DPO/Pouch at the Embassy. - May 2015

USPS, DPO. - Aug 2014

Employees at the Canadian High Commission have access to a military mail delivery service where packages can be sent to an address in Ontario and shipped for free from there. - Sep 2012

DPO. The mail system is a little slow. Sometimes you will get things that were sent to you 3 months earlier and sometimes you get things immediately. It's been very unreliable and I know they are working on fixing the issues. - Jan 2012

Embassy diplomatic post. - Aug 2011

Royal post is fine when they aren't on strike. - Nov 2009

DPO - its SLOW!!!! Surprisingly slow. Mail arrives back in the U.S. faster if you send it via Royal Mail. - Mar 2009

I have APO. - Sep 2008

Royal Mail. I think their service is great. - Feb 2008

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