London - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

On every corner you can find a gym or leisure center. - Jan 2024

Lots of local gyms, our building had a gym, and the embassy has a nice one as well (if available to you). - Nov 2022

Gyms are good enough and everywhere. They are fairly affordable as well. The US Embassy runs a pretty good fitness center as well. - May 2022

Lots of gyms, and again, I assume they are expensive. But walking and running in the beautiful London parks is free, and there are likely local teams that are affordable (rugby, cricket, football, etc) - Jun 2017

Our local gym is about $30 a month, but pretty bare bones. London is still getting into the gym scene, but there are many yoga, pilates, spin, barre, and specialty studios all over the place. - Feb 2017

Yes, there are many. Prices vary, as much as 50-100 GBP per month. - Feb 2016

There's one in my apartment building, which is fine (though I'm annoyed that they have kinda limited freeweights and don't have barbells). It seems like gyms here are quite expensive, but plenty of people just lace up their trainers and go for runs in the parks or on school tracks. - Nov 2015

The gym in the old Embassy is just okay. London has plenty of gyms. - Aug 2015

Yes, but quite expensive. We had a membership for LA Fitness, and it was about US$90/month. - Jun 2015

Yes, but they're very expensive. At least US$100 per month with a contract. - Jun 2015

You could find pretty much anything you wanted but it is expensive. There is a small gym in the Embassy. Plenty of parks for running, walking, etc. - May 2015

There are gyms everywhere. Costs range between 50-100£ a month. The neighborhood rec centers were the most affordable. - Aug 2014

Yes. - Sep 2012

The embassy has a gym, which is reasonably priced. There are tons of gyms in London, but be prepared to pay a high price for membership. - Jan 2012

Yes. - Aug 2011

Yes, everywhere. Prices are comparable to US prices. - Nov 2009

Yes. The Embassy has one, but there are plenty around the city. - Mar 2009

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